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About Us

The Nuview Union School District presently operates two K-6 schools, one 7-8 middle school and one charter high school. Nuview District offers comprehensive Language Arts, History/Social Science, Manipulative Mathematics, Hands-On Science, Visual Arts and Music, and Physical Education programs. There are also innovative programs in the District, such as interactive weather observation program connected through the Internet with NASA. In Addition, the District has a strong multimedia technology program, a STEM program,  and an Early Childhood Development Program. The District also offers programs in special education, bilingual education, technology, and federal and state categorical programs.
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Latest News

Transition to Trustee Area Election Process - Trustee Area Boundaries Map Scenarios

Transition to Trustee Area Election Process - Trustee Area Boundaries Map Scenarios Featured Photo
On February 8, 2024, at 7 p.m., the Nuview Union SD Board of Trustees will conduct a public hearing in accordance with Elections Code section 10010 to receive and consider input regarding the transition to by-trustee area elections and three (3) proposed trustee area maps to be used in the event the Board approves a transition to by-trustee area elections pursuant to Education Code sections 5019 and 5020. The Board invites public testimony regarding this matter.

Potential Bond Survey

Potential Bond Survey Featured Photo
As NUSD explores options to update local school facilities, we value comments and feedback from families and community members. Please complete the survey to share your priorities for Nuview Union School District.

Nuview Bridge ECHS Open Enrollment

Nuview Bridge ECHS Open Enrollment Featured Photo
Our open enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year will begin on January 2, 2024. Prospective students must submit their completed application by 3 pm February 23rd. Applications are completed online only, and all required documents must be uploaded. We will have application assistance nights for families needing assistance with the application. Bridge students who are currently enrolled do not have to complete an application. If you have family and friends interested in attending, please share the information with them.

Superintendent's Message - First Semester

Superintendent's Message - First Semester Featured Photo
Greetings! It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the school year. As the Superintendent of Nuview Union School District, I wanted to provide you with an update on the great things that are taking place throughout our district. Our team of educators, administrators, and support staff work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, personal development, and a sense of community.

We are committed to the ongoing development of a 'Framework for the Future' that prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the future.

We encourage you to take our LCAP survey to provide feedback as we begin writing our new LCAP plan. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to collaborating with you in the new year.
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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Date: 3/14/2024
Time: 7 PM – 9 PM
Location: Nuview Union School District, Upton Education Center 29780 Lakeview Avenue Nuevo, CA 92567