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Board Policies

Board Policies

For your convenience, the Nuview Union School District Board Policies are now published online for viewing. Policies may be searched using an index or by keyword. Click on the link below to visit the board policy website. The link will take you to GAMUT Online.

Please Note:

Official Governing Board Policies, Administrative Procedures, Regulations, and Bylaws are maintained online through GAMUT Online, a service of the California School Boards Association. The Governing Board on a continuing basis updates policies, procedures, regulations, and bylaws. These updated policies are then forwarded to CSBA to be placed in the appropriate format. Therefore, by the action of the Board on October 9, 2014, all other Board Policies or versions thereof are considered void from this date forward. Please note: Due to the ongoing update process, any given policy, etc., could be slightly out-of-date. If you have a question as to whether or not a policy posted on the Web site is the most current version, you may contact the Superintendent's Office at 951-928-0066 ext. 1715.