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Potential Bond Measure

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Local Funding for Quality Education
NUSD is exploring options to improve local school facilities. One option being considered is placing a $15 million general obligation bond measure on the November 2024 ballot. While no decisions have been made, the cost of the measure would be limited to 3 cents per $100 of assessed (not market) value annually, or about $90 per year for the typical homeowner in the District, while bonds are outstanding.
Funding from a potential measure could be used to:
  • Upgrade classrooms, labs, and facilities to support high-quality education
  •  Repair deteriorating roofs, heating and cooling, plumbing, sewer and electrical systems
  •  Update older schools to meet current building safety codes
  •  Provide proper access for students with disabilities
  •  Replace aging portable classrooms with modern, permanent classrooms
  •  Improve school safety systems including, fencing, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers
Transparency, Local Control and Accountability
A potential school facilities improvement bond measure would require a clear system of accountability including:
  • All money raised by a potential measure remains under local control to support NUSD schools only
  • No money could be taken away by the State
  • A Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits ensure funds are spent properly
  • Funds from a potential measure could be used to compete for State matching funds that would
    otherwise, go to other school districts
Additional Information
Contact the district by email at: [email protected]