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Nuview Union School District

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Pursuant to Education Code section 52060, the LCAP must describe, for the school district and each school within the district, goals and specific actions to achieve those goals for all pupils and each subgroup of pupils identified in Education Code section 52052, including pupils with disabilities, for each of the state priorities and any locally identified priorities.

The LCAP is intended to be a comprehensive planning tool. LEAs may reference and describe actions and expenditures in other plans and funded by a variety of other fund sources when detailing goals, actions, and expenditures related to the state and local priorities. LCAPs must be consistent with school plans submitted pursuant to Education Code section 64001. The information contained in the LCAP, or annual update, may be supplemented by information contained in other plans (including the LEA plan pursuant to Section 1112 of Subpart 1 of Part A of Title I of Public Law 107-110) that are incorporated or referenced as relevant in this document.