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Health Services

Healthy children are better able to learn and achieve success. School Health Services supports and provides for children's health needs. Credentialed school nurses and health clerks are members of the health services team. Education requirements for the credentialed school nurse include: Registered Nurse License (RN), Public Health Nurse certification, Bachelors Degree, and School Nurse Credential. Health Clerks are certified in CPR/First Aid and are provided further health training by the school nurse.

Nuview Union School District has one credentialed school nurse: Jackie Thompson, RN.

The school nurse:

  • Trains and oversees the health clerks at each site
  • Supervises medication administration at each school site
  • Designs and oversees individualized health care plans
  • Responds to emergencies
  • Performs and monitors health screenings (vision, hearing, and dental)
  • Consults with teachers, parents and others on health and safety issues
  • Acts as a liaison between physician, school and students
  • Assists with special education issues
  • Promotes a healthy school environment
  • Connects families to health care resources
  • Advocates for health care and student success

Additionally, NUSD has one health clerk at each school site.

  • Health clerks work in the school health office and care for students on a daily basis. 
  • They provide initial first aid as well as support many other health services activities.