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Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee

Pursuant to Article XIIIA and Section 15278 of the Education Code, the Governing Board of the District is obligated to establish a citizens’ oversight committee to satisfy the accountability requirements of Article XIIIA. The Board of Trustees had, by resolution, established such a committee, designated the Measures D and V Bond Oversight Committee. The duties of that committee were completed with the final expenditures of the Measure D and Measure V Elections. Now, the Board has established an additional Bond Oversight Committee for this 2006 Election Series B bond of $2,747,530.70, which shall have the duties and rights set forth in these Bylaws. The Committee does not have independent legal capacity from the District.

The purpose of the Committee is to inform the public regarding the expenditure of the proceeds of the Series B Bonds, as required by Article XIIIA.  These Bylaws are specifically made subject to the applicable provisions of Article XIIIA as to the duties and rights of the Committee.


As used herein, “Bond Proceeds” means the proceeds of the Bonds which are issued by the District pursuant to Election 2006 Series B.  The Committee shall confine itself specifically to Bond Proceeds generated under the Series B resolution.  All monies generated from other sources fall outside of the scope of Committee review.


Duties of the Committee

To carry out its stated purposes, the Committee shall perform the following duties:


  • Inform the Public.  The Committee shall inform the public concerning the District’s expenditure of Bond Proceeds to ensure that Bond Proceeds are expended only for the purposes set forth in the Ballot Measure.


  • Review of Bond Expenditures.  The Committee shall establish a regular meeting schedule which shall provide for meetings to be conducted at least quarterly.  At such meetings, the Committee shall review expenditure reports provided by the District, and, if available, the annual performance audit and financial audit referred to herein, to ensure that (a) Bond Proceeds are expended only pursuant to Article XIIIA and for the purposes set forth in the Ballot Measures; and (b) no Bond Proceeds are used for any teacher or administrative salaries or other operating expenses.


  • Annual Report of Committee.  Pursuant to California Education Code Section 15280(b), the Committee shall issue a written report on the results of its activities at least once a year.  Such report shall be presented to the Board of Trustees, in public session, and shall include the following:


(a)     A statement indicating whether the District is in compliance with the requirements of Article XIIIA, Section 1(b)(3) of the California Constitution; and


(b)     A summary of the Committee’s proceedings and activities for the preceding year.


The Committee may issue additional written reports as it so determines in order to effectuate its duty to inform the public on the expenditure of Bond Proceeds. 


All written reports shall be a matter of public record and shall be provided to the District and made available on the District’s internet website.


  • Limited Role of Committee.  Pursuant to Article XIIIA, the Committee is charged with overseeing the expenditure of the proceeds of the 2006 Election Series B Bonds, and reviewing and reporting on expenditures after they have been made.  The District has not charged the Committee with responsibility for, and the Committee shall not have oversight with respect to matters beyond the scope of reviewing and reporting on the expenditure Bond Proceeds.