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Nuview Union School District

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Transportation » Bus Rules

Bus Rules

Bus Rules

  • No eating or drinking.
  • Students are to sit correctly in their seats with their feet on the floor.
  • All students are to keep their hands and heads inside the bus at all times.
  • Inside voices are necessary for safety. No yelling or screaming.
  • The bus driver is to have all student's full attention when he/she is speaking.
  • No glass objects are allowed on the bus.
  • Knives and/or weapons will result in immediate disciplinary action by the driver and/or principal.
  • No live animals/reptiles/fish or insects on the bus.

Any violation of bus/school rules will result in disciplinary action by the driver and/or principal. A ticket will be issued to the student violating bus rules.
First Offense:
Second Offense:
2 Days off the bus
Third Offense:
5 Days off the bus
Fourth Offense:
2 Weeks off the bus
Fifth Offense:
Bus privileges revoked