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Energy Management

Energy Management

Reduce energy consumption and improve the educational environment.

Ben Franklin
Nuview Union  School District is committed to reducing energy consumption in the school district while improving the learning and teaching environment for our students and teachers. The District’s energy management plan guides the operations of the school district to achieve the highest standards in energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental stewardship without sacrificing the comfort or economic security of the learning environment.

Current strategies to reduce energy consumption while improving the educational environment include:
  • Lighting Retrofits from T-12 to T-8 fixtures reduce consumption and improve the color rendering index (CRI) providing better quality light for student achievement.
  • Installation of energy management systems (EMS) conserves energy by adjusting operating hours and/or cycling equipment.
  • EMS devices range from simple on/off time clocks controlling a single system, to sophisticated computerized controls that manage all the energy-consuming systems in a building while safeguarding against temperature spikes which can compromise comfort levels of students and teachers.
  • HVAC preventive maintenance programs reduce energy consumption and increase equipment reliability thus maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning.

While partnering with community stakeholders such as Southern California Edison and District support staff, our goal is to achieve quantifiable results through collaboration and dedication.